Ageless Mike (6372A)



Mike through the late 20th century and the early 21st century.  Both looks are still in vogue.

Stitch count: (Old Mike, with LSU hat) 72w x 84h
Stitch count: (Mike the Tiger) 67w x 63h
Offered by: Accents Inc

Floss colors (Old Mike on Aida 14 or 28th Lugana, Ant. white or ivory): Anchor #1, 112, 306
Floss colors (Old Mike on Tula Cream/metallic gold): Petite Very Velvet #s V602 (2 skeins); V626 (3 skeins); V657 (2 skeins)
Floss colors (Mike the Tiger on 28th Lugana, white): Anchor #1, 112, 306
Floss colors (Mike the Tiger on Tula Opalescent white): Crescent Colours #5 perle Pansy Purple (2 skeins); Finley Gold (2 skeins); Snowball (1 skein)


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